(You'll need to email me your answers and pay your deposit before I can place you on the wait list. Please be as specific and thorough as possible!)

Your name:

Your blog address:

E-mail address and password you use to log-in to your blog (I recommend changing to a temporary password during the design process and then changing back once the design is complete):

Do you have a photobucket account? If yes, then please provide the username and password for your photobucket account. This will be used to host the files for your blog design.

Which package are you ordering?
Do you want a photo header or would you like a scrapbook header (please specify which scrapbook kit you want if you are choosing a scrappy design):

What title would you like for your blog (this will go on the header):

What do you want your subtitle to be on your header (or specify that you do not want one):

Which fonts would you like to include in your blog design (please specify which one you want used for your header, your post title and your sidebar titles, as well as your signature):

Is there a certain element or color you would like me to use for your background (both for the text and for the outer background):

Would you like your sidebar on the right or left:

If ordering matching sidebar titles/images, what would you like your sidebar titles to say?

If ordering a blog button, what would you like your custom blog button to say?

If ordering a menu bar, what would you like your menu bar to say? Please include the URL where each title will link to.

Is there anything else you'd like me to know before I start this design?
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